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The Problem: Shoot 60 seconds of video without having to press stop and edit it out on the phone, review it and share it with no post production. We didn’t want to walk over to the device and tap stop and then need to use another product to edit it out. We did not find a solutions so we created one.

The Solution: 1minuteof App
We know its not perfect but its our first attempt at better mouse trap. Simply tap the start button and the timer will countdown 60 seconds of video. Review it. Trash it or Save/Share it. Thats it (for now).

Current 1.0 Features:
* Countdown timer
- Lights; Camera; Action - You need a couple seconds to get ready
* Logo/White Label - You are a brand and you want others to know it. Upload your custom branding and have them in your Video
* Upload Options -
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Possible Uses for the app
*Create a 1 minute exercise video
*Create a simple video to explain a diagnosis or condition (trust us patients don’t want more than a #1minuteof explanation. If you are a PT create a #1minuteof exercise video and send it to your patient (don’t forget to brand it. That’s why we included the ability to add a logo) See below
Video Resume
*Tell people why you are the candidate they need to interview. Take 10 #1minuteof to make the best first 60 second impression you can.
*Create and review a 1 minute pitch for your product, person or place.
And More
*Create #1minuteof whatever you can imagine
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Use the link below.

1minuteof app

Currently the app is iOS only. We hope to launch an Android version sometime in 2016.
Simply Tap the gear icon on the main screen. Enable the countdown timer by tapping it to the on position. Now set how long you need to get ready.
Tap the Custom Logo switch to turn this function on. This custom logo allow you to brand you #1minuteof video. The “watermark” will appear in the lower left side of your video.
After turning on the logo or watermark function on the application will bring up your photo library. Select your image and then crop it to fit the image section. If you don’t you logo in your photo library simply email it to yourself and then save the image to your photo library.
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This is where we believe it gets exciting…
What if you only had one minute and wanted to find about a product, community, person, or place.
What if you wanted a page to keep your collection of #1minuteof videos and get data on which video was the best and how many seconds a day people spent on your videos (like voting with your seconds instead of likes… hmmm that’s interesting)
We’ll explain later this year (Just give us some time… we are a startup after all).
Just start creating some #1minuteof greatness. We’ll help you get noticed.
Trust us it will only take a minute!
Download the App

We hope you find it useful. If you do, please tell your friends.
Enjoy creating your own 1minuteof greatness.